• Structure Notes
    • Credit linked notes
    • Equity linked notes
    • Range accrual notes
    • Principal protected notes
    • Interest guaranteed notes
    • Partial principal protected notes
  • Options Trading
    • Index linked options
    • Equity linked options
    • Treasury linked options
    • Currency linked options


    • Shares on:-
      • US Market
      • European markets
      • Asia pacific (inc. Japan)
      • Other Emerging markets on request
  • We Advice
    • Equity focus list
    • Tailor made advise for clients portfolio
    • 3rd party equity research


    • Bonds
    • Sovereigns
    • Corporate
    • High grades
    • Us treasuries
    • High yields emerging markets e.g. Asia, Russia
      and Latin America)
  • We Advice
    • Daily fixed income commentary
    • High yield advice from the ING network
    • Identify significant trend development across all credit markets


    • Distribution of in-house research funds
    • Distribution of approved third party funds, i.e.
      INVESCO, Permal, Momentum, ACM, MAN etc.
    • Private Equity funds
  • We Advice
    • Daily updates on the funds performance
    • A mutual fund list showing our latest recommendation
    • In-depth analysis of in-house funds vs. third party funds using micro pal.
    • Comparison of top performing funds (4 or 5 stars micropal-rated)


    • FX margin trading
    • Paper trading of gold
    • NDF ( Non-Delivery forward) - Indian Rupees
      and Chinese Yuan
  • We Advice
    • Daily Currency updates
    • Currency views for Asian markets, European
      markets and US markets.